Breathtaking! It’s a miracle! It’s beautiful! Is there anything like this in Hungary? Pure Wine, Intoxication, Provence! Why didn’t I know about this before? Good God, are we still in Hungary? This is a miracle! Well, it’s much nicer than the pictures, and even in the pictures it’s incredibly beautiful! Indescribable!

These are the first words our guests say when they get out of the car and see the Maison Bagatelle in all its airy, elusive beauty. We have had guests who have cried because they were so happy.

We can’t argue with them.

And they have the experience of being part of it.

It’s a magical place. Here, when you sit down, you’re surrounded by a gentle peace and gently embraced by tranquillity.

We’re just searching for the words.

We are grateful for this treasure!

If you come to us, you should know that we take great care of this atmosphere and harmony!

Our house is not a commercial accommodation, it is primarily a private house, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this entails.

Loudness, inconsiderate behaviour, arrogance are not welcome here.

For the sake of undisturbed relaxation, we only accept adult guests, and as much as we love pets, we must be considerate of those guests who are disturbed. For this reason, please do not bring your pets with you.

We do not welcome groups of friends or families, and we also say no to events, wedding photography and preparations and ask for your understanding.

We only offer breakfast service between 8.30-10am, coffee is only available during this interval.